Electrical Safety: Mounting Flat Screen Televisions Properly Can Save a Child’s Life

Flat Screen Safety

As televisions became smaller and lighter, most of us believed they stopped being a safety issue. After all, tube and console TVs of the past were so heavy it often took two people to move them just a few inches!

Contrary to common thought, lighter flat screen TVs are naturally more likely to fall over. Combine a higher center of gravity with a tall stand, and you have a major safety hazard.

When it comes to children and pets, the dangers of tip-over accidents are much greater than you may realize.

Young children are often hurt and even killed by falling televisions and unanchored furniture.

Hiring an expert installer is essential. Flat panels are lighter than tube TVs. However, they are still too heavy to be hung without proper techniques and equipment.

Avoid Damage to Your Home & Equipment

Infographic from SafeKids.org. Mounting a flat screen TV can save a child's life.

Even if you do not have young children or pets in the home, one wants their brand new television to come crashing to the ground after an amateur install!

A licensed electrician will also help you figure out the ideal viewing spot for your TV, pick the best mount style (fixed, tilted, full-motion, etc.), and hide those messy cords.

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, JSR Electricians can provide you with a free estimate for our flat screen TV mounting service.

Not in the DFW area? Search for your local highly-rated, professional and licensed electrician for a safe and secure home solution.

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